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Declaration Day 1

Aku peka terhadap setiap informasi penting dan menyikapinya dgn cepat dan benar !!

I have an incredible sense of any important information and ready to respond it wisely !!

Declaration Day 2

Bagiku, tidak ada interaksi kecuali bermanfaat bagi semua pihak !!

For me, there is no interaction except beneficial to any direction !!

Declaration Day 3

Aku selalu berupaya memahami pihak lain lebih dahulu dlm apa pun tujuan silaturahmi !!

I will always try to firstly understand others in doing business for whatever purpose !!

Declaration Day 4

Aku adalah bagian dari terselesaikannya masalah !!

I am a part of any problem solutions !!

Declaration Day 5

Bagiku, sukses lebih dekat dengan masalah pensikapan, bukan keadaan !!

For me, success is closer to a matter of attitude, rather than situations !!

Declaration Day 6

Aku melihat peluang pada setiap orang dan kesempatan pada setiap situasi !!

I see opportunities at every people and best chances at every situation !!

Declaration Day 7

Hanya ada dua kemungkinan hasil akhir setiap usahaku, berhasil atau belajar !!

There are only two possible ends in all of my efforts, success or experience !!

(mBah Mann Suryaglobal)


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For the sake of Islamic Student Boarding House of Suryaglobal, I decided continuing my study soon after my master degree graduation.  My doctoral study in Islamic Economy was challenging.  Since my master degree was earned in conventional economy, my background in the Islamic science was limited.  And I had no one to depend on, no other power than myself to get me through.

After two years or so of grueling routine, of unending hours poring over countless books, I heard my son tell a friend, “I am never going to go to graduate school because I don’t want to be like my father.”

I finally hired a friend to assist me with a course for which I had no undergraduate base.  His review sessions saved me hours of study time and minimized the struggle to earn the required grades.  But his helpfulness went beyond the limit when he offered to help me cheat on the final examination.

Though I was not a fully committed Muslim at that time, I knew that cheating was wrong.  I quickly distanced myself from that source of temptation.  This incident, along with other promptings by the Allah Guide, led my son and me to start attending taklim (Islamic preach) at a mosque in our neighborhood.

The taklim soon brought conviction of sin to my heart and then the day came when I decided to be totally committed Muslim.  Priorities in my life quickly changed.  I spent much more time with my son teaching him about Islam as the way of life.

Several weeks later I had the great joy of listening my son said in his praying, “I want to be just like my father and be saved fi dunya wal akhirat.”  Even though I initially did not follow Allah’s priorities in selecting a career pathway and being an Ustadz (muslim teacher), Allah the all mighty waited for me to choose Him as my best priority. Masya Allah! (mBah Mann Suryaglobal)

Declarations for a Better Destiny

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Inspired by Gerry Robert, I designed a Self-Center Based Life Management. And now I am going to share my new belief to anyone who wishes to change his destiny. I do agree with William James that human beings can alter lives by altering our way of thinking. If you change your way of thinking, you will change your actions, if change your actions, you are going to change your results. These declarations are intended to help you building your own winning mindset. It is choice, not chance determines your destiny. I wish you luck!


I matter to myself and to others. I am a significant person with incredible potential, abilities, and qualities. I am now in the best condition to move on. I love myself and care about others. Yes, I matter!


I am programmed for success. I believe I am a winner. I can do almost anything. My belief system is limitless. My past was utmost beneficial for me to make my dreams come true. Yes, I am succeeding now!


I am not afraid to invest and to take chances. I am a person of great courage and confidence. I would rather try and possibly fail, than success in doing nothing. For me, to risk is to invest. Yes, I am absolutely powerful!


I focus on what is right, bright, and beautiful. I am now making my hundreds million dollars in hand soon before anyone even realizes. I see the best at every situation and every person. I see the best at everything!


I start afresh every morning and get better every second afterward. People will see a new me. I love myself. I fix those things I can and embrace those things that are outside of my control. Every second is momentum!


I am an “up” person. My attitude is contagious, others look to me to raise morale. I am dynamic. I appreciate myself. I am strong and confident. I keep on keeping on. I persist until I succeed. My enthusiasm is overflowing!


I enjoy the good life. I benefit every event of life I’ve been through. Now I feel that I am ready to outlast every challenge life brings to me. I am strong and confident. Now I am the challenge to the world. I am happy!


Residing within me are the attributes of precious diamonds. Like the diamond, I am uniquely created. There is no other diamond quite like me. I am precious. I have a sense of worth. I live out the diamond principle!


I am surely convinced that God, me, and the universe are inter-related union. It is not chance but choice that determines my destiny. I am responsible to create my own opportunities. I am convinced with my new belief!


I am a people magnet. I attract fabulous, wealth-building individuals to myself. I will achieve my success through providing service to others. Everything healthy that I desire is on its way toward me. I am a magnet to money!


I am making it. I am convinced that I am a prime performer right now. I make things happen. I seek assistance, maybe, but I never abdicate my leadership role in seeing my dreams come true. If it’s gonna be, it’s up to me!


I am worth it. I’ll treat myself to something special today. Everything I touch turns to gold. I learn and grow with every event of life. I am a giver. I give to others some of which I abundantly receive. I am a worthwhile person!


I am a gifted and talented person. I count my blessing everyday. I am carefully and wonderfully created. I have a strong sense of worth. I am of worth. I realize how fortunate I am. Things are going great with me. I am lucky!


I am solution oriented, not problem oriented. I am creative person, therefore ingenious concept comes to me to remove all success blockers. For me the issue is ideas, not problems. There’s no doubt, I am a creative person!


I am an eternal optimist. This optimism makes me attractive to those around me. My personal development is very important in this universe. Everyone feels comfortable accepting me as the winner. I embrace yes-yes living!

# mBah Mann Suryaglobal, Indonesia


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All praise due to Allah, the gracious and the merciful. Thank You for the everlasting life, Allah. You have given us so much. We praise and adore for all good and gracious things You have done for us. May peace and bless be upon Your Messengers, their families, and everyone who follows, applies, and keeps teaching others on their values as well.

Oh Allah, give blessing to anyone who encourages brotherhood of men.  Allah, I don’t know how to thank You, You are too perfect. Some Muslim may have let you down some may have been good, oh Allah, please forgive everyone, help the poor, help the people around me. You are the creator, You are a sustainer, and You are the one who has power over all.

We believe that if someone strikes you, brothers, you should stay calm and be good to them, we don’t care if we get hurt we only care that our lord high master (Allah) is happy, and to make Him happy we have to stay calm and relax, pray to Him at average times so please if you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim, please understand and come join our pure religion. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. Allah has given us all knowledge to choose options. So you choose carefully which religion you think the best. I am not forcing you to choose. I am just to tell you. Don’t get me wrong because I don’t think there is anything wrong with my pure religion Islam. Just want you to know Islam mean peace and that’s what the world needs. Thank you. (Surya Global)

Guaranteed Provision

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I don’t remember the exact date when I heard the Monday morning ustadz describing the destruction in Aceh after a major earthquake and tsunami .  Nonetheless, I still keep in mind that it was about a week after the disaster.  The mission presentation was part of a boarding weekend program.  As a third-year student in college, I appreciated the information, and I thought, “Ya Allah, You need to do something about this!”  As usual, I made dhuha (morning sunnah) prayer to close the weekend program and Allah simply said, “Very well, why don’t you make a team?”

I tried to refuse.  My passion was mission in Yogyakarta, not Aceh (Sumatra).  “Ya Allah, why don’t You send someone else?”  Having finished my prayer, I walked to the boarding convention room where santries (boarding students) were gathering.  I asked a friend, “Did Allah tell you the same thing He told me?”

To my surprise, my friend’s response was simple, “I think so!  When do we leave?”  As only some santries who were not versed in boarding protocol would do, I went to the front of the auditorium and politely announced, “The al Mighty has spoken, and those whom Allah told to go to Aceh will meet here after dhuhur prayer.”  Twelve male and five female santries came together.

Within forty eight hours, we concluded that we had to obey.  We were convinced that Allah would provide the resources we needed.  We pooled our money and bought cellular funds for phoning our relatives.  We phoned our families, our friends, and our home-mosque usthadz, and we waited to see what would happen in the baitul mals (collected muslim community deposits) over the end of the month.

Everyone called to take parts.  My responsibility was planning the trip budget.  The projected budget reached approximately Rp. 50,000,000 (more or less US $ 5,000).  Not to mention a hundred million rupiahs.  Not one of us even had more than one million rupiahs.  Yet, Allah gave us the faith to trust His provision.

Alhamdulillah, thank to Allah, the following Monday, the chief of the boarding came to my room for a chat.  He had never visited my room before, so I knew this visit must be important.  “When the Almighty speaks, we must listen,” said he, “I want to be on His side when He moves people.”  Then he promised all needed services for our trip.  He had even talked with the president of social mission.

Three days after the final exams were over, everything was ready.  A new van had been rented and bus tickets had been purchased, the visiting doctors and paramedics had been in the other car, and the president of the mission said, “Go!”  The social mission team of Suryaglobal Boarding College students now left for Aceh.  Subhanallah, by the end of the month Allah had provided enough money for us to start out.  Alhamdulillah.

We took six days to reach Aceh.  After the tiring journey through the long-winding by-pass of Sumatra, we arrived at Langsa, the first city we found after entering the Province of Aceh.  We spent a month there clearing debris, building temporary mosques, loving the injured, and recovering the physically, mentally, and socially devastated community.  We worked hard, and we laughed and cried together.  Most importantly, we experienced the joy of being obedient to what Allah told us to do.  Allahuakbar.

When we returned home, we found that our expenditures were Rp. 49,955,300.  Allah had provided Rp. 44,700 more than we needed.  The rest money was quite enough for us to pay for the meal in the team dispersal meeting.  Once again, we simply saw Allah at work in our midst. I will never forget His faithfulness or His guaranteed provision.

Naturally, we went to Aceh to serve others.  Nevertheless now, five years later, I realized this trip was part of how Allah wanted to teach a growing faith to boarding college students.  For me, it was not merely growing my faith, this trip was a wonderful lesson that Allah taught me, and afterward Allah conducted me to write it down as an article at this post.  (Donation to the needy be through Muamalat bank account 5310037807, Wasi Darmolono)



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No longer than a month after finishing my Islamic Senior High School, I went off to a conventional college.  Seeing me off, the people who loved me, especially my parents, feared for me.  They were afraid that the people I would meet, the things I would experience, and the books I would read would change me.  They wanted me to hold on to, my family and friends called as, the finest belief that had brought me to salvation.  They were afraid that in the halls of academia I would get into those kinds of modernist teaching that had led so many before me away from being pure-bred Muslim.  My family prayed that I would not become one of those intellectuals who look down the old-fashioned religion wherein I was raised.

They were very concerned that I might stray away from my teenage passion to win sinners to repent and fight against those liberal concepts that the modernists talk about.  I did not tell anyone back home when, as part of theology lecture, I started reading some religion-reference books including those unacceptable by the folks back home.  Eventually, I read the most prohibited book titled JIL in which Cak Nun, an Indonesian Muslim figure, was one of the performers.  This primary voice for the public discourse was dissimilar, some even said contradictive, to Islam community that had nurtured me over my teenage years.  Yet, here I was reading the articles—and, frankly, being tickled by them.  To my great surprise, I found that Cak Nun and his friends were not what I expected them to be.

They were not against anyone’s way in encouraging “common” muslim people to make the most out of their faith.  In fact, their reason for encouraging them (common muslim people) was different from those I had ever heard before.  They saw dakwah activities as the means for recruiting people into a movement Allah, the al Mighty, had created in order to change society into socio-economic system in which the poor would be lifted up and the oppressed would be set free.  This was the different point.  Up until I began reading some more references, I thought that the purpose of dakwah was merely to get people ready for the Judgment Day, a day which would be faced at death or even sooner if the Second Coming should occur as well as getting them ready for the next world when life in this corrupt world was ended.  It turned out that we had come up with different perspectives in seeing the concept of dakwah—my folks back home perceived it (dakwah) from a cultural point of view, whereas the rest from an intellectual approach.

The insight that Islam performed a kind of social order that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala had even authenticated in narration hit me like a bolt of lightning and changed the way I grasped this religion.  I came to understand that Allah SWT was about to set His sovereignty upon people whom He could attack the injustice of society generated by racism, radicalism, homophobia, sectarianism, ash shobiyah, specific group triumphalism, etc.  I recognized that the stories of Muhammad pbuh and the former messengers inside the holy Qur’an were messages about His Kingdom inscribed for human being to read and trust unconditionally.

Most of all, I learned to live my life from the prophet Muhammad pbuh whom we trust as the best model and to pray the Lord’s Prayer with strength.  Needless to say, there were a lot to learn in college.  I never bought into the overly optimistic belief that we could perfect this world, as did those early muslim generations, not to mention, of course, in the era when the Prophet pbuh (peace be upon him) was still alive.  Today, when I call people to turn back to Allah, I call them to commitment to change the world by changing their mindset.  And now I am working on my mission to encourage them getting an “Ultimate Winning Mindset.”  Last but not least, I was lucky because the college I went to was Surya Global Islamic Boarding College, an institute where both intellectual and spiritual competences were put and combined synergistically.  (Indah Kurnia Savitri, SDII, SSG)

What A Thought

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It might have been an ideal beginning, except that I faced a crisis I had never known before.  I had just finished delivering afterpraying ta’lim. It had just been my fisrt presentation.  I was in a large, badly-needed-maintenance mosque in a remote area of mountainuos highland of Wonosary, a south-east regency of Yogyakarta Special Province (DIY) Indonesia.  Did I really believe what I had just delivered?  This was not the way it was supposed to be.

I was on a college dakwah (Islamic mission) trip.  I was only a third-year santri (islamic  boarding student) at Suryaglobal.  I had grown up in an islamic family and been converted as muslim since I was born.  Now I was far away from my hometown, my parents, and from everything  that was familiar to me.  Yet, more troublesome to me than the unfamiliar surroundings was the knowledge that I was supposed to be the world-wide ustadz.  O Allah, forgive me for having such too-far imagination!  Astaghfirullah!

Did I truly believe that Muhammad was a messenger of Allah, my perfect model, and my fidunya wal akhirat savior?  Or was I just a shallow product of common muslim family?  I spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the next day in significant contemplation.  I probably felt very much how prophet Muhammad pbuh must have felt as he met malaikat Jibril in the cave.

I had not been as especially serious student, so I was surprised that in my struggle I felt aided by what I had been hearing–and apparently absorbing–in my philosophy class.  Imam Syafii’s popular argument defends Allah’s existence based on the order of creation.  His ideas became real as I sat among the aromatic trees up the hill of Baron beach and stared into the turquoise sea.

Through reason and faith, I came to own the conclusion that there had to be the real universe creator, and I undoubtedly agree that the creator is Allah the one and only God.  Eventually, this reasoned journey led me back to the living, loving His messenger Muhammad pbuh, and to my own confidence that what I was telling others about him was true.

Up to the time of that crisis regency of Wonosary, my faith consisted primarily of what my heart felt.  But, it was there, in Allah’s creation far away from my home and my family, that I really began to believe with my mind.  Eventually, other beliefs came up that I would have to wrestle with and eventually won, but none was so influential as what I discovered that day.  (mBah Mann Surya Global Yogyakarta)

We Can Do Nothing

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In fact we can not create anything. No, we can’t. Not even our deed nor daily activities. Why? Can you explain it? It’s simple. Come to realize that every creation needs the following aspects: ideas, power, energy, room, time, and could be more.
Such materials belong to Allah. We, human being, got nothing.  We think that we have an idea, for instance. That’s a dead wrong. That’s no more than just a feeling, perception, or opinion.

Like a computer, our body is no more than a hardware. A hardware can never create for itself a software. Our body will never move to act anything without an installed program.  What makes different between human’s creation (cars, computer, etc.) and Allah’s creation (i.e. human being)?  Allah’s creation is perfect.  So perfect that everyone feels that he involves at every motion he makes.  Think, Guys. Think!  What a perfect scenario the world is!  (Donation to the needy be through Muamalat bank account 5310037807, Wasi Darmolono)

Major Influence

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At the end of the sixth semester in 2009, after completing my state senior high school in Sragen  (a small city at Central Java), I moved to Yogyakarta to find a part-time job for financing my college.  I, a month later, got a job as a campus bus driver.  After a couple of months driving, attending a village mosque, listening to ta’lim, praying, and thinking about my future, I dedicated my life to full-time kidmat (mosque service).  I lived at the mosque and called to serve as a ta’mir.

I decided to stay in Yogyakarta (so-called Jogja) as I looked for some information about university to attend.  For the first time I came across the name Surya Global Institute of Health Science with its Islamic Boarding System.  The next day, after finding the office address, I drove to the campus to pick up a catalog and admission material.  The person behind the counter, I read the co-card his name was Mulyono, encouraged me to visit the Financial Aid Office.  At the first place I did not feel confident with my dirty uniform.  I protested that my outfit was not presentable.  He insisted, so I went down to the Financial Aid Office where Mrs. Chanif Kurnia greeted me with a big smile and asked a few questions while I stood.  I thought that my clothes were too filthy to sit on her chair.

I was single and wanted a meal ticket and a bed in the boarding.  But no bed was available.   At that time SGIBH (Surya Global Islamic Boarding House) had limited housing.  After fifteen minutes or so of conversation, Mrs. Kurnia gave a name and phone number of seventy-year-old-like man whom everyone called mBah Mann, and whose home had recently gone into pitches from earthquake.  Just a few seconds before I arrived at Mrs.Kurnia’s office, the man had called asking her for santri (Islamic boarding student) to live in his house for free provided that he would keep it cleaned.

I made contact with the man and a month later I moved in.  mBah Mann did not like my job.  He said that bus driver was time consuming and never let me have enough time to do my college tasks, so he helped arrange an interface with the HRD officer who happened to be his best acquaintance.  As mBah Mann wanted me to be, the officer posted me at a better position.  Now, I became the person number one at department of logistics and housekeeping.

This was a good job and the policy allowed me to work around my college schedule.  During the time I lived with I became familiar with al Qur’an, al Hadits, qiyamul lail, sunnah fasting, etc.  Until the last few years when his time became limited for a great deal of dakwah, I received a long, typed letter at Idul Fitri day from mBah Mann detailing his past year and always ending with the command, “Account for yourself, young man.  Only to Allah you cry for help.”  I always responded by sending her a detailed update on my family and me.  Now, mBah Mann has been too busy to talk to me for his world-wide charity. I found he is a major influence in my life.  (Misri Ringinsari, Surya Global, Indonesia)

A Place Of Grace

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My thoughts were focused on the numerous changes I would find in my life as a new islamic boarding member at Surya Global College, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  We were heading to Central Java from the capital of NTB province, Mataram.  My parents were there driving me to this so-called educating city.  I had my share of the usual nervousness that afflicts new comers, but I also felt confident that I could deal with the inevitable changes that college brings.  My religion upbringing, solid and trustworthy, had prepared me for this moment.  It did not occur to me that some of understandings of that religion upbringing might change too.  I was sure that there was nothing to worry about.

I was trying my best to find my own way to heaven.  I grew up in a home that was centered upon going to a mosque, participating in various halaqah, and believing in the justice of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.  Along the way, however, I had missed any clear understanding of the role that grace played in my life.  I believe that if I worked heard enough and stayed fairly distant from sin, I could be assured of my salvation.  I found that this graceless faith established in me a pattern of discouragement.  I could never quite get enough control to live the life I thought necessary to get to a place where hidayah was.

At the boarding, I joined a new-comer halaqah conducted by senior ustadz.  The subject of the evening ta’lim was the path to salvation, and we were asked to share our view of muslim journey toward hidayah.  I shared with confidence my view that hidayah resides somewhere deep in our heart, and our task in life was to make our way to get there.  We could only reach the place trough an extra hard contemplation.  I shared how difficult the journey was because every time we sinned we failed and awoke from our contemplation.  When that happens, we must restart from the beginning , retrace our lost track, and continue the contemplation.  I included the idea syaitan, in an attempt to make our journey even more difficult, often ruin our concentration, to assure the difficulty of the journey.

At the end of the story, a conclusion must be made.  So I did.  Confident in my understanding about the challenges of the faith journey, my ustadz responded.  In kind and loving words, he asked me to consider  a different view of the journey.  He said simply that if  I must put hidayah deep in our heart, I should understand that Allah swt had placed lights guiding you to get there.

Subhanallah!  I can still remember the immediate change that one alteration to the imagination brought to my life.  Suddenly I realized that hidayah was a gift from Allah swt, a gift that provided all the motivation I needed to serve the loving Al Mighty.  Discouragement gave way to joy.  Defeat turned to victory.  After all, Suryaglobal Islamic Boarding House had taught me the most important thing in my life.  Thank God for all this.  Alhamdulillah. (Ari Prima, Surya Global, Jogja, Indonesia)